Essential Services for Doggies We Need More in Japaw!

In Japan, there are many problems when going out with your dog. In many cases, public transportation and stores are not accessible, which can be stressful for your dog. So, we would like to introduce three services for dogs that can be found in other countries. Don’t you think it would be nice if such services were available in Japan?

Bark for Park!
We Want More Dog Parks!

A dog park is a park where dogs can play freely. Many cities in the U.S. and Europe have dog parks. At dog parks, dogs can run around off-leash and socialize with other dogs. They also have water fountains, benches, and restroom facilities. These facilities are said to have a positive effect on your dog’s health and socialization. In Japan, there are facilities called “Dog Run”, but most dog parks in other countries are free of charge. The benefits of dog parks are not only for the dogs, but also for pet owners. Dog parks allow pet owners to socialize with other pet owners and share information about their pets’ training and health. Dog parks also contribute to the revitalization of local communities. The management and operation of dog parks requires the cooperation of citizens, including volunteers and donations. Therefore, dog parks can be a place that encourages participation and collaboration not only by dog owners but also by citizens.

Pet Sitters Make a Day
Bit Better for Owners in Jpn

Although it may be unfamiliar in Japan, it is common in Europe and the United States for couples to leave their babies with sitters and go out on dates. Because of these customs, the profession of pet sitting is also highly recognized and its services are used more often than in Japan. The advantage of requesting a pet sitter is that it reduces the stress on your pets. Since they come to your home and take care of your pets, it is more comfortable for them than leaving them in a pet hotel. Of course, they will treat your pet gently, and by informing your pet’s veterinary clinic in advance, they will be able to respond to emergencies. If you leave your pet at a pet hotel, you have to worry about the smells and noises of other dogs, but with sitting, you don’t have to worry. Some pet sitters are certified veterinary nurses. However, there is also compatibility, so a prior meeting is always necessary before having a sitter.

How Many? Count Me!
Dog-friendly Café & Restaurant

Dog-friendly cafes and restaurants are places where you and your pooch can enter together. These establishments offer terrace or garden seating, provide water and treats for dogs, and allow you to enjoy meals and tea with your pooch. Dog-friendly cafes and restaurants are commonly found in the United States and Europe. The biggest advantage is that pet owners can have more fun. You will have more opportunities to meet other pet owners and staff, exchange information, and meet people through their dogs. In urban areas in Japan, where many dogs are small and communication between dogs is difficult, owners often sit far away from each other to enjoy a cup of tea. In other countries, where many dogs are large, pet owners often sit close to each other for a chat.


We have highlighted three services for dogs from overseas. I hope there will be more places and services that can be enjoyed together with dogs in Japan. Dogs are important family members, and we hope that more dog-friendly facilities will be opened so that we can spend a comfortable time together when we go out. Here is a summary. Let’s cat and dog !


1. Dogs can play without a leash at dog parks.

A place for pet owners to interact with each other and with people in the community.

2. A sitter culture has taken root overseas.

If a sitter can be found who can be trusted with dogs and cats, it will reduce stress for dogs and cats away from their owners.

3. Many stylish, pet-friendly restaurants are available overseas.

There are more pet-friendly cafes and restaurants than in Japan,

They have become enjoyable communities for pet owners.


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