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For Dog Walking in Japan 

Dog Park Collection!?

Dogs in Japan are Fashionable

Visit a dog park on Halloween, Christmas, the important New Year’s season for the Japanese, your dog’s birthday, or Valentine’s Day, and you will see a scene as if a fashion show were being held.The scene is like walking down a runway with dogs dressed in unique costumes.Costumes for the dogs can be easily obtained at pet stores and malls selling pet goods.This is definitely an opportunity for foreign pet owners to have a lot of interaction with other pet owners when they get a dog in Japan during such an event season.However, it is common for accidents to occasionally involve swallowing small buttons or decorative ornaments attached to costumes. We also need to be careful not to ruin a fun event.

Ready to Walk Your Dog?

These are “Must Have Items” in Japan

Most Japanese pet owners carry an item called a “walking bag” with them when walking their dogs.This is the Japanese culture of keeping common spaces clean and comfortable. And the Japanese value it very highly.By the way, the bag contains a water bottle for flushing pee, poop bags, wet wipes for wiping the dog’s buttocks, and toilet paper.Many foreign dog owners may be surprised to see a dog’s butt being wiped and walked, but this is a common sight in Japan. In the city, it is important to note that behavior such as not picking up dog fecal or not spraying water after urinating may lead to trouble with neighbors and attention, which can lead to fights.In particular, if a dog defecates in front of an apartment building, at the entrance to a house, or in front of a store, promptly disposing of the waste will avoid problems.

Beep for Poop

Lots of Difference for Toilet

One thing that I think most foreign dog owners would be surprised to learn is that they should let their dogs defecate in the bathroom before taking them for a walk.Japanese parks do not provide poop bags for dogs, and there are no trash boxes to dispose of poop. In urban areas, especially for small dogs, it is recommended to use a toilet sheet and defecate at home before going out for a walk.In some areas where you live, you may be fined if you leave stool excreted by your dog.Owners are taught to potty train their dogs to take them for walks for exercise purposes, not for outside elimination.Nevertheless, the dog’s instinct will be to defecate in the open air, and there is room for debate regarding this toilet training.The item used there is the above-mentioned “walking bag”.If you can carry a walking bag with your dog , you are an advanced dog owner.We would like to learn how to walk our dog in a way that all people in town would not find offensive.

Let’s Go for a Ride, Not Walk!

Dogs Have Their Own Carts

In urban areas, it is common to see small dogs walking around in carts. In areas lined with high-rise condominiums, large dogs are rarely seen due to condominium rules. Our veterinary clinic located in Tsukishima also have same situation. Although there are breed temperaments, it is often observed that small dogs are generally more difficult to communicate with other dogs or people other than their owners than large dogs. There are also a surprisingly large number of dogs that do not like to go for walks. It is not uncommon to see dogs that do not like to walk and are carried home by their owners.This is where dog carts come in handy. It can help your dog avoid continuous barking when he encounters a dog he doesn’t like on his walk, or when you take him out to the veterinary clinic, dog café, or community gathering. Compared to previous years, dog carts are much lighter and more comfortable. Carts can be obtained at pet stores and dog-friendly malls. Sometimes you can even try them out for a test drive.


As a native Japanese citizen living in Tokyo, I really wish for foreigners to enjoy living in Japan. And as a veterinarian working in Tokyo, I really wish to see more foreigners living with pets here(I believe that brings bigger joy). This blog is a series of tips for foreigners to enjoy living with pets In Tokyo and my clinic’s social act at the same time. Let’s cats and dogs! And in order to do that, let’s prepare the followings(summary).


1. Japanese cosplay culture also exists for dogs and cats. Let’s have fun together and expand the circle of pet owners.

2. Dog owners should carry a “walking bag” when walking their dogs. Please carry it with you when you take your dog for a walk.

3. Japanese parks do not provide bags or trash boxes to dispose of poop. Please take your excrement home with you so that all people can live in a comfortable city.

4. Dog carts are often used in urban areas with many small dogs. Pet owners with small dogs can try them out.


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