4 Dog-Related Brands with Overseas Scents

We would like to introduce you to some popular doggie-related brands from overseas.These brands are all about quality, design, and love for your pooch.We have carefully selected sites that pet owners will enjoy just looking at.

Paws & Co.

 The overall design of the site is based on pink, which is just so cute! In addition to dog collars and leashes, and tableware with names on them, we also carry original mugs and cell phone cases for pet owners. It would be fun to drink coffee in a mug that matches your dog’s tableware.


Woof Couture

The model dog appearing on this site is a French bulldog. Using materials such as wool and silk, it transforms your dog into a top fashionista. There are a lot of cute items such as dresses and warm sweaters that are so cute just by looking at them.


Spark Paws

The owners of this site had so much fun dressing up their dog, Stella, that they couldn’t find products they liked on the market, so they started making them themselves. Now, it has grown into a brand that is supported by many pet owners. We also sell clothes that dogs and dog owners can enjoy wearing together.


Leeds Dog Supply

A dog accessory brand based in Southern California. We have a wide range of leashes and collars in bright colors and patterns, making them popular fashion items for dogs. The designs are unique and tasteful, and the handmade leather products seem to be highly rated. The material is soft and has a print that is resistant to sunlight and water, so it is also recommended for outdoor owners. Made with military stitching for strength and durability. What’s more, a portion of the sales is donated to rescue dog organizations, so you can support dogs by making a purchase



These brands will make your time with your dog even more special. And it’s not just cute. Clothes for dogs are not only fun as fashion, but also prevent hair loss and protect dogs with skin allergies. Also, when choosing a collar for walks, it is better to choose a harness type rather than a collar if the dog pulls the dog owner or has a chronic disease in the trachea. We hope you find the perfect item for your dog and have fun!


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