One,One&Only! Nothing Compares to Japan’s Pet Market, Product and Manners.

When foreign pet owners adopt a dog or cat in Japan, they may be surprised at the difference in common sense between their home country and Japan in terms of how to deal with pets. I wrote this blog in the hope that I can help foreign pet owners reduce the problems they face by making them aware of Japanese pet-related manners and services, even if only a little.

Fact! Facilities Are Becoming Much More Pet-Friendly

Many parks and commercial facilities have dedicated areas for dogs, and the number of pet-friendly facilities has been increasing in Japan in recent years. Some commercial facilities have dog runs where dogs can play without leashe, and some expressway service areas and parking lots are also equipped with dog parks, which are very crowded on weekends. Some dog parks provide rental pet carts, poop bags, and toilet seats, so you can go out empty-handed.

There are also pet-friendly lodging facilities throughout Japan, and many offer pet-friendly services such as pet-only hot springs and dog massages. Why not experience these services with your dog at a Japanese lodging facility that has a culture of ”OMOTENASHI” (hospitality), which became a hot topic during the Tokyo Olympics? Some facilities are only open seasonally, so be sure to check if they are open before you go.

Wild! Wide-range of Pet Clothing Pet Product and Pet…everything

Compared to overseas, especially in urban centers of Japan, there are many small breed dogs and a wide variety of fashion items and accessories for pets. When walking around town, you will often encounter dogs in carts and wearing clothes. Sometimes, you may even see dogs dressed stylishly in dresses or tuxedos. I think this has something to do with Japan’s ”KAWAII culture”. This uniquely Japanese culture of kawaii is similar to the English words pretty, cute, lovely, and charming, but strictly speaking, none of these words apply. If foreign pet owners are going to live in Japan, we would like them to experience Japanese kawaii culture through their pets. Pet stores and pet-friendly commercial facilities are always full of kawaii pet goods, so please check them out.

Maniac! Manners When Walking Your Dog …so Japanese!?

Thoroughness of manners when walking dogs is also not to be overlooked. Walking with pets is a daily pleasure for pet owners, but in Japan there are rules for this as well. In addition to the safety of your pet, you must be considerate of other people and their pets, and be careful about the length of the leash and the location of the walk. In public places, it is a common understanding that pets should not be allowed too much freedom. In veterinary clinics, there have been cases where one or both dogs have been walked without a leash and brought in for bite accidents. In recent years, there has also been an increase in the number of accidents involving bites to people. In Japan, there is a law called the Rabies Prevention Law that requires all dogs after 90 days of age to be vaccinated annually against rabies. Rabies is a terrible disease that can kill 100% of both dogs and humans. We should follow each other’s rules and manners so that everyone can enjoy a pleasant walk.

Joy! Japan’s Clear Four Seasons with Pet Are Just Fun

You can enjoy the four seasons in Japan even more by devising ways to match each seasonal event through walking your dog. You and your pet can go cherry blossom viewing during the cherry blossom season, or enjoy fireworks in the summer. It would also be wonderful to wear matching yukata (summer kimono) with your pet. However, be careful of heat stroke during summer outings. Use ice packs under your dog’s cart to prevent the body temperature from rising. Autumn brings beautiful autumn leaves, and winter brings Christmas and New Year’s. Enjoy nature and costumes for each season. Veterinary hospital waiting rooms are filled with dogs with cherry blossom petals on their bodies in the spring and dogs (and sometimes cats!) dressed as Santa Claus during the Christmas season. During the Christmas season, the waiting room is filled with dogs (and sometimes cats!) dressed as Santa Claus. We would like to become a pet-friendly veterinary hospital that provides a waiting room where foreign pet owners can communicate with their pets.


As a native Japanese citizen living in Tokyo, I really wish for foreigners to enjoy living in Japan. And as a veterinarian working in Tokyo, I really wish to see more foreigners living with pets here(I believe that brings bigger joy). This blog is a series of tips for foreigners to enjoy living with pets In Tokyo and my clinic’s social act at the same time. Let’s cats and dogs! And in order to do that, let’s prepare the followings(summary).


1.Hotels and dog-runs where you can stay with your pets are increasing in Japan. Experience the culture of hospitality.

2.The Japanese culture of kawaii cannot be accurately described in English. Experience it at pet stores and pet-friendly commercial facilities.

3.Walking without a leash can lead to trouble with other dog owners and people around you. Please follow the rules when walking.

4.In Japan, there are many ways to enjoy nature and events throughout spring, summer, fall, and winter. We hope that many foreign pet owners will enjoy the Japanese four seasons through their pets.


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